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Friday, August 26, 2011


They've been called many things...brolly's, sunshades, rainshades, parasol, and even gamps..

I have a penchant for distinctive umbrellas.  Not too many know this.  They excite me particularly on rainy days.  I don't say that facetiously - The Hmong use them a lot in the sun, so does Nicole Kidman.  I like how they hide the face, how the droplets fall off the edges in circles around the feet.  I like the rain - I'm sure that's part of it for me. Sometimes the rain helps to get the sorrow out.  I have sat down and bawled in the rain.  My friend, Lori, shares the feeling that umbrellas are talismanic.  A beautiful picture of an umbrella in the rain actually has a remarkable and powerful influence on my feelings.  Some of these photos of  Lori's have moved me to tears.  Let me share...

Umbrellas provide sanctuary from the frantic world around you

 Rain and umbrellas conjure up mystery and loneliness

Umbrellas hide you from the world 

they give you privacy


 The mystery of those hidden beneath the forest of rain blockers

 An assortment of coloured umbrellas,
Fending off the rain,
I wonder if those, concealed underneath,
Have had lives disturbed by pain,
With the greyness of the sky above,
Their bodies crouching low,
What is the message that greets the eye
Where do all these 'bodies' go,
There's a feeling that they may be hiding
Not only from the rain,
But that is just a 'thought' of mine,
And I could be wrong - again!

© Ernestine Northover 

sometimes it's perfect for the outfit

There are articles about how to use an umbrella in New York., The embarrassment of hiking with an umbrella, Even umbrellas with lifetime guarantees. 

And My eyes now look like black umbrellas
On a rainy day parade
Sometimes it just goes away
But this time it just stayed

some drinks taste better with them

Nature has them naturally

Deals are made under them

some are just pretty to look at

they're used to advertise

they make bedrooms look cozy

and women chic

sometimes they die

and often, make the skies cry

First 8 Photos, and last, by Lori Prosser