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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is What I do When I'm Bored

Boredom is just a message sent to you by your subconscious mind to tell you that there are much more important things to do than what you are doing now.

If you're reading this because you're bored - add a thumbs up!

When I'm bored I can do some downright goofy stuff.  Now don't judge me, because I'm sure you've done some pretty crazy things too - you just won't admit it.  So here goes, and if it makes you shake your head, well, that's okay with me.  Just don't tell me.

I go to this website and guess the model's measurements.                                    

Just hold your cursor over the model and the answer will be revealed.

I actually will play this game.  I'm so embarrassed.                                        



                 I attempt to make things out of fruit and vegetables. I tried this one once.  Not so good. 

I took the Simpson's personality test when I was bored once:                                 

                                               I've also cooked up some pretty crazy stuff that doesn't get on my other blog.
 baked carrot fries....

...in the quest to being healthy.   Blaaaah!

Sometimes I'll go to this awesome site that my son told me about:  It can keep my occupied for e ver.


Sometimes I play "House" and try to 'guess the disease' from a book I own called, "The Encyclopedia of Common Diseases".  Then I found this site, only to discover which of the House doctors' I am most like!

                                                                                                              Cameron, of course.  :)

Something I've done for years now, is try to recite as many people as I can remember, that have gone to prison, always starting with the scumbag Scott Peterson.  I usually begin with a mocking, "I wonder what so-and-so is doing today," and the list continues with OJ Simpson, Bernie Madoff, Phillip Garrido ...you get the idea.

These quizzes are so bad that are addicting:


I loooved dot-to-dots as a kid.  Yeah, it's easy, but so.  Sorry, I liked Light-Bright too.


I also make pictures in my coffee.  Really.

Who knows why you are reading my blog...are YOU bored?  Do you enjoy my posts?  Or are you still just trying to figure out why people blog?  If you're an epic wanderer like me, you may end up at a site such as this:

                                                                                      Just to get insulted..

I'm done.