If Heaven had a flavor ... it would be coffee.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Happier Life

I hope you are happy most of the time.

      Scientists have proven one way that makes people happier, and they have the research to back it up.                                


Give it away, give it away now!

Making altruism a part of your life and being purposeful about it.  Volunteer, help a neighbor, donate goods and services.  Soon to follow will be the "helper's high".  It's healthy for you too!  Celebrate other's successes, listen to a friend, and forgive.

                              Who remembers this?  I do, it made me happy then, and it does now.  
                                                He was not a trained rescuer, but he rescued.                                    


Sometimes it's hard to avoid the happiness of others.

Look how pretty happy is.


                                                Laughter is the shortest distance between two friends.

                                                    Shake someone's hand, and thank them.



Learn your a b c's

                                                           Joy is a choice, giving is too.


You have succeeded in life when all that you want is only what you really need.


Blessed are those that are generous, because they feed the poor.  Proverbs.

Have a blessed Christmas.  Remmeber, happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with grace, love, and gratitude.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Things I want for Christmas in 2011

With each year comes new challenges, new wishes, and new memories to be made.  Here are just a few things I would like to find under the tree this year...or under the moon.

  1.  My family of 8 all together at my parent's home for Christmas.  I was the one holding out for the past 10 years.  This year I go home.

     2.   These Heels.  Don't they rock?

     3.     To sing "Moonlight Bay" at the table with my dad again, and then eat bread, brown sugar, and cream with him.

it was our thing.

     4.     A better camera

                                    so I could take pictures like this ...

or this ......

   5.   My friends without jobs, to find jobs.


     6.    Finish my apartment

                                                                                                                                 to resemble this

     7.    I would if I could
                                                                       but I can't :(

     8.    Cook like a rock star



      9.  This print:  

or this:

      or this one ...


     10.    World Peace

                                                                                                   ...'nuf said.

Friday, December 9, 2011

right now

I stole this idea from a bunch of bloggers around the internet.

right now I am ...

watching:  nothing.  i am a proud non-television owner for the first time in my life.  always said i'd do it, and since my ex would not give up my tv ... i like it.  a lot!  and I can find modern family on the internet.  :)

eating:  Just finished some chicken parmesan with a glass of pinot noir - given to me by my son for my birthday!

drinking:  more chai because of the health benefits of all the delicious spices!

wearing:  a beige-puckered top that arrived in the mail today from arden b.  undecided whether to keep it or not.

avoiding:  talking to my son about delicate issues.

feeling:  restless.  at the same time, content.  i'm going to just go with it.

missing:  my beautiful buckled shoes.  you know the ones.

thankful:  that even though I wish I were a chef, I love my career as a respiratory care practitioner!

weather:  we're into single digits now.  winter is a waste of my time.  though, there is something to be said for making soup and snuggling with a blanket near the fireplace.

praying:  always

needing:  to finish my apartment so I can start having dinner parties.

thinking:  that new blender is going to do wonders for my life.

loving:  my first cup of coffee of the day.  the sun on these bitter days.  friends telling me they made one of my recipes.  watching my children have new experiences and hearing what excites them.  Shopping a boutique Saturday morning with coffee in hand.  sweet comments and emails from readers.  hugs.

what are you up to?


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Am A Part Of All That I've Seen

 I chaperoned a school field trip to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra - simply so I could hear them play.  Part way through, my chest got heavy, tears welled, and I looked around to see if others were feeling what I was - surely they must be!  I got lost in the strings and when I emerged I looked at life just a little bit differently.  These photographs did the same to me.  The sheer beauty of the unexpected seized me.  The curve of a building's entrance; A shaddow cast by distant light; the narrowing of the cobblestone enticing me to look further ... I was sure I was there in another life and tears welled once again - for I was home.  Simply enjoy.

How many have secretly peeked from that top window.

look beyond


experience awe


Exquisite detail

                                                                                                                  Archway to possibilities

the feelings you evoke!

I know I've walked your road

                                                                                                              the lovliness of you!

was it necessary?  yes.


let me just stand here awhile

                                                                                      Surely I must now believe!

And the Angles did sing!

                                                                                               The simplest speaks the loudest.

                                                                                                                          always look up

                                           Lori Prosser, Photographer.