If Heaven had a flavor ... it would be coffee.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adventure In A Cup

My brother has one of the coolest jobs ever.  Recently he's been programming for a gold mine in Australia.  Who does that?!  Well, he does.  While there, he looked for gifts to bring back to the states - and for me, he struck gold.  Literally.  I got a 250g Adventure in a cup.  Yahava Bold, Black Gold - which are pretty impressive beans.  Coffee beans.
The bag states that Yahava's aim is to supply the serious coffee consumer ... (what if we're light-hearted, will it not taste the same to us?)...with what they need and deserve.  I like thinking that I DESERVE this.  Everything in life is better when you Deserve it.  I like to think that I did this really epic sleeping that took me into the deepest realms of REM that left sand an inch thick on my eyelids - THAT would be Deserving of this coffee in the morning.

The bag also states that their green beans are sourced from the highlands of the world's greatest coffee producing regions.  Green beans.  Greenbeans.  Really?  Or not.  Let's explore ...

Yes, coffee beans begin green.  Begin the Beguine!  Beguine means flirt, but I definitely had an affair with these beans.  You can purchase green coffee beans for roasting at home.  You'll need a roaster, or an old fashioned hot - air popcorn maker.  Check it all out on Maria's site. You'll pay about the same as roasted beans, or less, but it will be as fresh as you can get unless you're living on the hillsides of Central America and ride a burro named Babe.  Or was that an ox?  I forget.

At Yahava they mark their bags with a 'Roast Date" so you know exactly when your beans were roasted. Simple.  -  not so simple, I searched for a good couple minutes before coming upon 6.12.11.  So, my coffee was 6 months post roasting.  Is that good, or is that bad?  Fresh, or old?  Good brother, bad brother?

you decide.
The verdict - Amazingly smooth and flavorful.  I could detect a hint of fruit, maybe chocolate, and something I have never smelled/tasted before - even as I smell the empty bag (yes, it's gone, sue me) it hits me like a longing, a sweet memory of bygone days...sitting on my rock near the back 40 as the distant bluebirds sing and chipmunks rustle in the long grass that the cows had yet to find...there I go again - coffee does that to me.

The coffee was in the direction of awesome.  I didn't feel the need to splash it with milk (which is called a "flat white" in Australia), as it was just that smooth.  This coffee rivals what I had at the Americana hotel in Cozumel, Mexico.  If you'd like to try it for yourself or get some for me because you're just like that, it can be yours here.  You can even have a standing order with the company and they will, on schedule, ship you Koffee as you request.  It's okay that they can't spell coffee.  They're not writers, their baristas!

Here is a valuable piece that will assist you with tasting your coffee and getting your money's worth, not just slamming it to startle awake the senses.  Good coffee is like a Swiss army knife, it has a lot to offer.  Appreciate it.


                                                               Yahava Koffee Works