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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Why's? and How Come's? of Blogging

I had a girlfriend ask me tonight, in email, why I feel the need to blog.  She asked if I was bored.  She also admitted that she did not know much about it.  Here was my reply:

Blogging is really personally satisfying, or it can be for some.  For beginners, start here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog, even better - check out mine:  http://javatalkme.blogspot.com/  I was actually thinking about this on my way home from work tonight.  Why have I started blogging and what do I like SO much about it?  Well, yes, it does give me something to do besides cook, read, play my guitar, and Facebook (which has become boring for me), and write you emails!  I'm not a tv watcher, I don't have hobbies such as jewelry making or knitting (although there are blogs on these as well), and this I have found to be extreemly enjoyable.  What I like most, about it is the creative side of it.  With FB I liked setting my page up, downloading pictures, and posting a variety of statuses for my readers - such as news items I found interesting, music I found enjoyable from You Tube, inspirational quotes, etc.  After a while I felt there wasn't much to do there besides interact with friends.  I never got into the games.  Then again, it is a social network, what was I expecting?

For me, my blog is a much larger Facebook with so many more options - without the interactions with others, only because I have yet to receive any comments! (someday, I can only hope).  I can post pictures I've taken, and pictures that others take that I admire (giving them credit of course).  I have written poetry since I was in the 4th. grade and continue to do so, and here is a medium in which to share it instead of stuffing it in a box.  I have experiences I want to share - nothing earthshaking by any means, just aphorisms really.  Eventually I'm going to have a recipe section, a section on religion, tips on what to do in preparation for singlehood, how I got healthy, and a variety of anecdotes about my job, etc.  You get the idea?

I used to be a scrapbooker - this for me is a sort of virtual scrapbook.  It was challenging for me to set up, for I'm not computer literate and bought the book Blogging for Dummies, which helps me to use my creative side, as well as answer the stupid questions I don't want to ask anyone!  (I'll share more on that in a later post).

So there you have it - a long answer to a short question, and I'm glad you asked!  Can you tell I'm passionate about this?  My short answer - It's fun.

At the very top of my blog you will see the words "next blog" - click on this to look at other blogs - they consist of everything imaginable.  I can sit and read other's for hours and sometimes do.

Why do you blog?  I'd love to hear from you!

'Till, next time,                                                                                     


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