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Friday, July 29, 2011

Just Call Me Boo


"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

I have always found the topic of names to be fun. Your name can make it or break it for you.  If it wasn't for HIPPA, I would love to share the varied names I have come across at work that make me just shake my head at some parents.  What were they thinking?!

Here are some confirmed real, and funny ones:

Anna Recksiek
April Shauer
Armand Hammer
Ben Dover
Billy Rubin
Brandy Anne Koch
Carrie Oakey                                                                
Chris Coe
Chris P. Bacon
Claire Annette Reed
Constance Noring
Duane Pipe
Earl Lee Riser
Gaye Barr
Harry Arrmand Bach
Hugh Jass
Lou Pole
Lou Zar
Missy Sippy (and her mom, Mrs. Sippy)
Oren Jellow
Willie Waite

My Name Is:

Gender: Feminine
Usage: English
Pronounced: mə-LIN-də  [key]
Combination of Mel (from names such as MELANIE or MELISSA) with the popular name suffix inda. It was created in the 18th century, and may have been inspired by the similar name Belinda.

I was born "Polly" for a day, later (the next day) to be renamed,  "Melinda".  I was called Lollie by my little brother and sister because they couldn't pronounce my name. My family and relatives all call me either Lin or Linnie.  I've been called Mel by a girlfriend in college and the Dr. I work for.  One friend calls me Melvin, and I have met only one other Melinda - and I work with her.  When I was little, my mother used to declare my name loudly so it could be clearly heard by others (I could tell she loved it).  When my dad calls me Linnie, it sounds endearing - same as when my friend calls me Melvin.  I also have a friend who calls me Betts.  I call him Don.

                                                                                                                                 we often sit like this...

Here are the top nicknames that men want:
Ace, or Chief. 
Hero or Superman.
Big Guy, or Hot Stuff.
Tiger, or Stud.
Prince, or King.

Top nicknames your gals want:
Baby, or Honey.
Boo, or Shorty.
Princess or Cowgirl.
Home girl, or Chica.

Have you ever heard how to get your porno name? You take your childhood pet's name and the name of the street where you lived as a child, and that's your porno name.  Mine is, Jade Madison.  What's yours?
or, check here.                                                                              
My name was first used in 1935, and was at it's height in 1973.   
Melinda is a modern hybrid of
Melissa (“mel” means “sweet”) and Linda, or Melanie (“mel” means “dark”) and Linda.  Funny, I have never been called Linda.  As I young girl I wanted my name to be Melody.

Pronunciation: mel-inn-dah.   Duh.                                                 

When I was born, it was the 118th. Most popular name.

Here is an analysis of my first name:
  • Your first name of Melinda gives you a responsible, systematic, and practical nature, able to excel in technical fields or as a teacher and you would also enjoy the practical arts.(I am a responsible, systematically-thinking Respiratory Therapist.  I'm not always practical - tend to think with my heart, not my head.  I'm working on that.)
  • Being methodical, you work best where you have the time to do a good job, although you can be too fussy at times finding it difficult to react spontaneously to new ideas from others.
    (Fussy?  Me?!  I do like to think before responding, isn't that a good thing, or am I being fussy?) 
  • You rebel at being rushed or put under pressure.
     (You betcha). 
  • That is when you can become somewhat inflexible.
    (stop it already) 
  • You appreciate home and settled conditions and take on a lot of responsibility to ensure that your home life functions efficiently.
    (My home is my castle.  Everything has a place, even when I misplace it). 
  • This name restricts the innate expression of an artistic, musical nature.
        (I was a music major). 
  • Although the name Melinda creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it limits your versatility and scope, tuning you to technical details.
    (I am what I am) 
  • This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the elimination system, and through worry and mental tension.
 (Guess I'll drop the last name, and weaknesses in the elimination system?  Comeon!)

And just for fun, find out what your name is in Hawiian.
Melvin – Melewina
Melinda – Melinaka

Maybe he calls me Betts, 'cause I cook like Betty Crocker?

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  1. That was a good one Betts!! my porn name would be George Hazel :)