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Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm In The Mood To Dance/Poem

Pulling back the sheets I see your hairy toes
All ten of them, who knows,
Let’s jump in the shower and take a chance
I’m in the mood to dance.

Starting the day with salsa and eggs
Tracing your hands up my legs,
Helping you stumble into your pants
I’m in the mood to dance.

The farmers wink at me at the market
They know I’m the bullseye in your target,
They know my secret of enhance
I’m in the mood to dance.

Twisting your pinky around my thumb
Sharing popsicles, kisses and gum.
Skipping to strains of sweet romance
I’m in the mood to dance.

Ending the day in quiet embrace
Drifting off in pools of lace,
All that's left is a tenacious trance
I'm in the mood to dance.


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