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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Working On His Zen

 I talked with someone today who says he sucks at life.  That’s fine with me, because it gives me good material.  The stories he shares, that obliges me to agree with him are hilarious really – no one could write this stuff, it’s so good.  Here’s what he shared with me today:

I need to work on my zen.  Two weeks ago I built a pondless waterfall and stream in my backyard. The stream had a wider, deeper area as it meandered for the koi.  I wake up three days later to herons eating all of the koi. (at this point, I’m wondering why he slept for three days)  Next day…dog discovers there are some toads between the boulders I had lugged in, and placed meticulously. Dog dug all around them to find said toad and ate it. Result? Dug up stream and a vet bill for the poison excreted by the toad, found out when the dog went into seizures.  Oh, vet bill…$1375.00

Trying to get him to divulge more stories about why he sucks at life, I asked him if he sucked as a dad – thinking I’d get a story about a two year old kid found up on the roof due to a ladder he left out, or something similar.  His response surprised me.  He told me that the other night his son borrowed his truck to take his gal to a drive-in.  He got munchies and pop and put blankets down for padding, pillows - the whole nine yards.  The drive-in was packed full, so they rented a movie instead.  The next night – same thing, but this time he said, “I’ve got an idea!” 

They drove to his dad’s home and got an extension cord, he went to the study and got the dvd player and flatscreen tv and hooked them up outside.  They went to Redbox and rented a movie and watched at their own drive-in from the back of the truck to the sounds of crickets and winking stars. When the neighbors shot off fireworks he said, “See, we even have fireworks, the other place doesn’t have that!”  His gal said it was the best night she’s ever had.  His son is thoughtful, endearing, and warm.  We all should suck so much at life

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  1. guy found his zen - didn't kill his dog.