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Friday, November 25, 2011

I will be 50

I'm turning fifty years old tomorrow, and leading up to this I keep thinking something profound will happen.  I'll wake up with new and powerful wisdom, I will walk in step with those that sport canes, or overnight I will suddenly enjoy eating prunes.  With it so close now, I'm starting to realize nothing is really going to be any different - unless I choose it to be.  Dr. Corson, 72, told me not to treat this day any differently than any other day - don't make it a milestone, no balloons.  He said to me, he woke up one day and was 70 years old because everyone forgot to celebrate his birthdays.  I don't like surprises.

This past year has been monumental for me in many respects.  I found myself working my way back to my roots.  When I was turning 11, for a birthday gift I asked my parents to take me to church.  I had never been, and was intrigued.  After that my interest continued to grow to the point that I was only happy if I were surrounded by those that loved Jesus.  Gradually I walked away and left most of it behind.  Eventually, coming back, I find my greatest peace when I am not walking in step with the world.  I don't want to proclaim my love for the Lord and continue on as if nothing has changed.  Everything has changed.  I desire more than ever to take care of others, show comfort, clothe and feed the poor.  The compassion I feel at times is almost overwhelming.  

I briefly cried for 2 minutes one day at work this week because a patient of mine complimented me on how I did not look 50.  When he walked out, I broke down, because he had said out loud that I was 50!  It became real to me.  One gift I am giving to myself is a 3 horse power blender that will grind up hockey pucks and iphones.  I will be using it instead, to make green smoothies to better my health as I venture forward towards exciting things.  

I posted the year I was born on my Facebook profile for all to see.  Not many do that, I've noticed, and  thought it was a good way to approach the next 50 years.  There is longevity in my family, my grandmother lived until 98, and I suspect with that new blender of mine I will be well on my way.

Thank the Lord for all you have, someone somewhere always has it worse.  Don't be concerned about what other's have, just take care of yourself. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.  It is through the hard times that we learn the most.  Forgive, forgive, forgive.  These are the things I have learned.  They are also the things dad and mom always told me.  :o)