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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Gift

So, I get this email asking if I had received a pkg in the mail lately.  Nope, no package.  "Can the mail really lose this much?" I wonder to myself.  Five weeks ago I sent a check to my hair stylist, having neglected to bring my checkbook with me to my appointment.  I know, who writes checks anymore?!  Well, the check didn't arrive, and didn't arrive, until it finally arrived!  Three weeks later.  Anyhow, I stop in to the apartment office to inquire about this "box".  Sure enough, box had "just" arrived.  Hooray!

Terribly excited, because I knew who it was from - and it was going to be cool.  So cool.  My birthday continues!  Sure enough, box did not disappoint.


 Into a box of friendship
To insure that it is strong
First a layer of respect
On the bottom does belong.

Then to the sides attach,
In the corners where they meet,
Several anchors full of trust,
Devoid of all deceit.

The height of friendship can be measured
By the sides of four,
So make them all a larger cut,
And the box will hold much more.

Now fill it up with courtesy,
Honor and esteem,
Understanding, sympathy,
And passion for a dream.

Add to that your honesty,
Emotions joy and love,
And since they’re so important,
Place them up above

But leave the box wide open
So all can see inside,
To learn what makes a friendship work
From the box you built with pride. 

                                             - Chuck Pool

Where does a girl's eyes go first?  Glistening objects?  Well, yes.  But First I say ...

                                                                           Yes, to chocolate.

But not just Any chocolate.  It seemed to .... well, .....

    I swear I heard angels sing and fireworks in the distance.
    Or was it the euphoria?

                                                                          Delving deeper

                                          And deeper....
                                                                        resembling a brick of gold
                                        And deeper still ...

                                 "Bam!"  I yelled, "Jackpot!"

                                        We have chocolate!

Ok, I admit.  This was a picture of the SECOND layer of chocolate.  Who knew?!

                                       And yes, there is a third.

                                As all good chocolate eaters know, we must consume with coffee!

What better method to prepare our coffee with, but with a coffee spoon!  But not just any spoon ...

  Hand forged with quality stainless steel spoons!

                               intricate in detail ...                                                                           

Even my daughter, walking by, looked over at the spoons and said, "cool spoons."   :)

                                                                                      They are definitely cool.

Some days I think I need nothing
more in life than a spoon.
With a spoon I can eat oatmeal
Or take the medicine doctors prescribe
I can swat a fly sleeping on the sill 
or pound the table to get attention.
I can point accusingly at God 
or stab the empty air repeatedly.
Looking into the spoon’s mirror,
I can study my face in its shiny bowl,
or cover one eye to make half the world
disappear.  With a spoon
I can dig a tunnel to freedom
spoonful by spoonful of dirt,
or waste life catching moonlight
and flinging it into the blackest night.

                                            -- Richard Jones                                               

After the chocolate, I was a little messy.  I forged deeper into the box and found the answer...


Oh yeah, I came clean.  And I smell pretty too now.

              Next time someone says to me, "Did you receive a package in the mail lately?"  I'm going to drop everything and race to find it.  After all, it could be ............................... a box.     he he

                                     Her lovely photography skills graced the card as well.      

Just Dreamy,

                    Thanks Lori!  OOXX                 



  1. Hooray it arrived! I was hoping the Minnesota post office wasn't enjoying your treat.

    I would say your milestone birthday is now officially over :)

    PS...You've always been easy to buy for. OOXX

  2. I knew immediately who it was from!! How lovely and thoughtful! Loved this post, Melinda (and Lori!). :)

    1. Thank-you Barbara! I only blog when something inspires me, and the 'gift' definitely did that!